14 days in, how am I feeling???

I felt a little story time with Shanice was needed to my most previous blog post which you can read here – talking medication for mental health.

So take a seat, put your reading glasses on and get ready!

How am I getting on? How am I feeling mentally? How do I feel? How normal am I now?

The simple answer to that is FABULOUS, well fabulous in the past couple of days because the side effects have finally gone away! But mentally I feel amazing and a totally new person.

But with a but there is a however.

However that little annoying voice in the back of my head is constantly telling me, this is only temporary! This is just a short term solution!

I cannot help but have these doubts, of course it’s totally normal to have them. I’m only freshly new to this and it is still working it’s way into my system and changing the serotonin levels in my little brain!

In a way I will continue to doubt because I’m just blocking the true me, that panicky low individual that buries itself in my human shell. That’s how I will continue to see it because I knew if I was to slowly come off them and get them out my system I would feel the exact same as I did those 14 days ago…

But it’s okay right? It’s a solution and at the moment it’s the only suitable one? So of course I’ll try it!

I’ve now learnt to never think something over and over because it could be a positive change and not the negative you falsely day dream about. This is my positive change and this is me getting myself better and being loud, weird Shanice again!

Saying that with any medication there are side effects and these are the following I had quite ugly:

• blurred vision

• trouble concentrating

• feeling constantly sick

• insomnia

• pressure in my head

I could sit here and list a few more but I hope you get a rough idea, it wasn’t pretty.

I typically missed to take it one evening and I really did feel the side effects hit me all over again, so I now have an alarm set so I DO NOT forget!

Would I recommend these for someone in the same situation? Most definitely yes, because I was so naive when I first got prescribed them and held back for so many years and now look at me.

I’ve also massively learnt its nothing to be ashamed of, its life. Get over it pretty much! Every individual on this planet has their “fault” which they may see and there is nothing wrong with that because that’s what makes somebody as a human being. That’s what brings their specific character or interest to make them who they are.

And that’s what I’m here for to share my experience and help another loving soul!

I’ll be open and honest because I’m not ashamed anymore, I’m proud for even getting myself this far and trying something for the better.

if your also reading this and have Instagram give my page a visit as I have a mental health highlight with all things about the topic!

So until next time lovelies,



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